Chickity Chocco, The Chocolate Chicken indeed

30 07 2008

Found a link to a demoey unreleased version of ‘Scenario’ by A Tribe Called Quest with verses from De La and Black Sheep. Pretty beast. Go here

Track of the day obviously

Found a link to a list of the greatest bald people ever. I feel hurt and excluded. For what it’s worth, I started to lose my hair at the age of 17 and first noticed when a lad I know called Justin stated poking fun at the fact that he could see my scalp at any given point through my dracula meets aha haircut. I’ll dig out a photo one o’ these days. Shag it, the list….here ya go

p.s. Emmanuelle, the ‘classic’ saucy nudey flick is a pile o poo. It has less of a plot than Mulholland Drive (which actually rules). Anyway, saw it last night. total underwear. As I type I’m listening to Bobby Conn and The Glass Gypsies – The Homeland. Its also pretty pants. I like that new Fleet Foxes though.

ta me amach



New designer needed for our official site

29 07 2008

Oi! anybody a good web designer or know anybody who fits that description? If so give us a shout cos we want to revamp our official website at

Many Thanks



The drummer, the nyyyerds and the stack

29 07 2008

These three clips really did it for me. Some deadly ish for various reasons. Shouts to Whitenoise, The Twiddler and Ex for the pointers.

Reggie Watts – Fuck Shit Stack

The Cyrkle (What A Band! my track of the day) – Turn Down Day

Intro to ‘Vinyl’ Documentary (only a clip but watch the rest)


The list that really matters

24 07 2008

I was cleaning out cobwebs over at the forum over at our official site when I read over The Super Duper MJEX Favourites List. It’s a list we made about a year ago ranting about our favourite movies books and music and all the usual arty lark we’d jibber jabber on about. Despite the fact that i would change something in almost every section, I’m pretty satisfied. How and ever I think the time has come to make an even more important list. As many may know I am a fat fuck. Not in the traditional sense as in moobs and chins (although I have put on a few, my girlfriend tells me) but in the sense that I LOVE FOOD. I will freely admit I’m generally always hungry, or wanting to taste pleasant treats. The second , or is it third, shag it…another reason I am making this list is because I had an intense discussion about desert island junk food the other day and I got unbelievably heated and passionate as the possibilities and limitations swirled around my head. Fates conspiring. Food rocks end of story. And here is the list:

Favourite chocolate bar: Cadbury’s Double Decker

Favourite crisps: Anything by McCoys, (King uber Tayto btw)

Favourite Ice cream: old school mr. whippy sans flake. (when I hear that match of the day music I genuinely miss a heart beat. I think it’s because footie and Ice cream are suggested simultaneously and I cannot compute the elation inside)

Favourite sandwich: Turkey, Coleslaw, Sweetcorn, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Lettuce, Brie/Cheddar Cheese in 2 cuts of fresh poppy seed Vienna roll

Favourite soft drink: Fanta, no ice, from graham o sullivans type dispensers ONLY

Favourite cereal: Honey Nut Loops (Full fat or Low Fat milk. Slimline is grimline)

Favourite fruit: Blueberries/Strawberries/Grapes (I despise Mangoes and Raspberries. Mangoes smell of bins)

Favourite condiment: soy sauce

Thing I eat/drink every day pretty much without fail: cheese and coffee (not mixed though)

Favourite desert: cheesecake

Things I wish I ate more and have to remind myself to do so: Birdseye potato waffles, corn on the cob, Camembert, fig rolls, almond fingers, battered sausages, lilt, babybells, figs, olives

Most overrated dish: pasta (It’s nice but insanely repetitive. no twirly shapes are gonna fool old MJ)

Thing that people think is lovely but really isn’t: lots of organic food. It’s very often less tasty, dearer, smaller and discoloured…mmmmmm.

Favourite adult drink: Guinness

I don’t see why everybody fusses about: Coca Cola, Ham (Ham is just grand, overused though)

Fancy yuppy trendy item I can’t get enough of: Hummus

Biscuit or Cake: Cake

Restaurant in Dublin: Yamamori Sushi

I’m done. If anybody wants to fly down to Tescos or Lidl feel free

Track Of The Day: Buck 65 – FOOD


Bottled up in Russia

24 07 2008

This is a very silly idea.


The Buck 65 Symphony

21 07 2008


Buck 65 is a wonderful man. We have had the good fortune of playing gigs with him a few times and he is easily one of the nicest musicians we have ever met and is cool as fuck. I stumbled upon this live show where he preformed in his home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia with a full orchestra. He comments during the set that this has been one of his life long dreams and if I am being completely honest it is also one of my life long dreams to perform with an orchestra. He played an 11 song set many of which have undergone quite a metamorphosis. It’s a delightful listen and he even manages to sneak in some of the Fine Young Cannibals anthem “Johnny Won’t You Come On Home”. I really advise people to check this out!!!!



Portishead covers Pt.2????

18 07 2008

Party People,

Just something else I stumbled upon there. One of my favourite bands & comedians seem to have joined forces. Personally I think that this is probably an “in-joke” for the band but others will obviously call it plagarism. You decide!