Chickity Chocco, The Chocolate Chicken indeed

30 07 2008

Found a link to a demoey unreleased version of ‘Scenario’ by A Tribe Called Quest with verses from De La and Black Sheep. Pretty beast. Go here

Track of the day obviously

Found a link to a list of the greatest bald people ever. I feel hurt and excluded. For what it’s worth, I started to lose my hair at the age of 17 and first noticed when a lad I know called Justin stated poking fun at the fact that he could see my scalp at any given point through my dracula meets aha haircut. I’ll dig out a photo one o’ these days. Shag it, the list….here ya go

p.s. Emmanuelle, the ‘classic’ saucy nudey flick is a pile o poo. It has less of a plot than Mulholland Drive (which actually rules). Anyway, saw it last night. total underwear. As I type I’m listening to Bobby Conn and The Glass Gypsies – The Homeland. Its also pretty pants. I like that new Fleet Foxes though.

ta me amach