The list that really matters

24 07 2008

I was cleaning out cobwebs over at the forum over at our official site when I read over The Super Duper MJEX Favourites List. It’s a list we made about a year ago ranting about our favourite movies books and music and all the usual arty lark we’d jibber jabber on about. Despite the fact that i would change something in almost every section, I’m pretty satisfied. How and ever I think the time has come to make an even more important list. As many may know I am a fat fuck. Not in the traditional sense as in moobs and chins (although I have put on a few, my girlfriend tells me) but in the sense that I LOVE FOOD. I will freely admit I’m generally always hungry, or wanting to taste pleasant treats. The second , or is it third, shag it…another reason I am making this list is because I had an intense discussion about desert island junk food the other day and I got unbelievably heated and passionate as the possibilities and limitations swirled around my head. Fates conspiring. Food rocks end of story. And here is the list:

Favourite chocolate bar: Cadbury’s Double Decker

Favourite crisps: Anything by McCoys, (King uber Tayto btw)

Favourite Ice cream: old school mr. whippy sans flake. (when I hear that match of the day music I genuinely miss a heart beat. I think it’s because footie and Ice cream are suggested simultaneously and I cannot compute the elation inside)

Favourite sandwich: Turkey, Coleslaw, Sweetcorn, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Lettuce, Brie/Cheddar Cheese in 2 cuts of fresh poppy seed Vienna roll

Favourite soft drink: Fanta, no ice, from graham o sullivans type dispensers ONLY

Favourite cereal: Honey Nut Loops (Full fat or Low Fat milk. Slimline is grimline)

Favourite fruit: Blueberries/Strawberries/Grapes (I despise Mangoes and Raspberries. Mangoes smell of bins)

Favourite condiment: soy sauce

Thing I eat/drink every day pretty much without fail: cheese and coffee (not mixed though)

Favourite desert: cheesecake

Things I wish I ate more and have to remind myself to do so: Birdseye potato waffles, corn on the cob, Camembert, fig rolls, almond fingers, battered sausages, lilt, babybells, figs, olives

Most overrated dish: pasta (It’s nice but insanely repetitive. no twirly shapes are gonna fool old MJ)

Thing that people think is lovely but really isn’t: lots of organic food. It’s very often less tasty, dearer, smaller and discoloured…mmmmmm.

Favourite adult drink: Guinness

I don’t see why everybody fusses about: Coca Cola, Ham (Ham is just grand, overused though)

Fancy yuppy trendy item I can’t get enough of: Hummus

Biscuit or Cake: Cake

Restaurant in Dublin: Yamamori Sushi

I’m done. If anybody wants to fly down to Tescos or Lidl feel free

Track Of The Day: Buck 65 – FOOD