Jean Is Planning An Escape Lyrics

15 08 2008

Two people mailed me asking could they see the lyrics for Jean Is Planning An Escape. Voila!:

Bastard, that filthy bastard
If there’s justice she’ll get the last word
That’s it now, no more heartache
Jean is planning an escape
Plastered, he’s always plastered
She’s got enough clean clothes to last her
The engine’s on, a new clean break
Jean is planning an escape

Go Jean Go
And All Her Friends Say Go Jeanne Go

Prisoners, he takes no prisoners
When he’s done she takes no visitors
Stays in her sister’s when he goes ape
Jean is planning an escape
Given her, advice they’ve given her
“Get the cops in. Call your solicitors
Press charges, don’t wait,” they say
She has waited but she is brave today
He’s away with mates – the brute beefcake
He uses the boot in a routine way
And a routine way’s been hard to break
But Jean is planning an escape

Go Jean Go
And All Her Friends Say Go Jeanne Go
This is the showdown, she’s hitting the road now
She’s taking control now, the pressure is on
She’s got to be strong

Showtime, this must be Showtime
She knows deep down she’s been so blind
Crawling on back to what she knows
The blood, sweat, tear drenched rocky road
And all her friends say “ready or not?”
They’ve heard so many alarms
Then seen her back in the enemy’s arms
Oh, Jean, tell us the penny has dropped!
Go Jean Go; she’s got her suitcase
With a ‘don’t fuck with me’ look on her face
Go Jean Go; tomorrow’s too late
Foot on the clutch, foot off the break
Why did it take her this long to thunder?
They wonder. It’s summed up in one word:
Jean is coming to her own conclusion
Go Jean Go

In other news, I’m just back from my first trip to the dentist in 8 years. I am terrified to find out what ‘root canal’ actually means. “Is it Safe” , the menacing. haunting quote by Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man ran through my head as my “extremely deep cavity” (he he, i’m such a child) was filled. lovely dentist in fairness