Portishead covers

18 07 2008

Party People.

Have been revisting the Portishead album “Third” a lot recently and I think it is rather smashing. I think it will be one of the best albums to come out this year. Personally I think Portishead are one of the greatest bands of all time and have bearly put a foot wrong throughout their whole career. Every thing I have ever heard them do together or as a part of a side project (Beth’s “Out of Season” LP, Geoff Barrow’s beats on Stephaine McKays “McKay” LP & Adrian Utley’s production on Goldfrapp’s “Felt Mountain”) have been amazing.

This leads me to a very very rare 7″ that Geoff & Adrian brought out under the different monikor “The Jimi Entley Sound”.  It is a piece of vinyl I would very very very much like to own (3 very’s …i want it bad) so much so if anyone owns one or knows where I could buy one please tell me. On it there are two cover versions of The Shadows “Apache” (which has the illest drum break!!!!) and the Edan sampled “Charlie’s Theme”. Below are youtube links so you can hear just exactly how fucking amazing these versions are. Enjoy.


Charlie’s Theme: