Album Track by Track explanation

17 10 2008


Just a couple of things. Theres more good stuff from our good selves on a few other websites.

I did a track by track explanation of the new album “From The Word Go” for Go check it out.

Also I did a 34minute free dowloadable mixtape for State magazine which you can get now. I’ll write a new post about this in the next few days giving a better explanation. I’m just up to my eyebrows at the moment.




WIN free Tickets for MJEX show on Saturday

15 10 2008

Party people,

There is an MJEX interview and ticket giveaway up now on the frontpage of for our new album “From The Word Go” Dublin Lauch Show in Andrews Lane Theatre on Saturday 18th October 2008. Doors will open around 8pm.

We also wrote a track-by-track guide on the album for them which should be up in the next few days so why the hell wouldn’t you go there. Go on, go now and hopefully we’ll see your lucky ass on Saturday night!

We are busy as some very randy beavers at the moment getting ready for the launch show on saturday rehearsing but we can’t wait to play these songs live. I can’t bloody wait!!!!