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27 08 2008

Party people,

Haven’t been on the auld world wide web for a while as I was just away in Paris before all the music madness begins. It was such a lovely holiday in such a lovely city. Any country who thinks that the best thing to eat in the morning is a roll with a long strip of choclate running through the middle of it is all good by me. While I was there I also got to go to one of my favourite places in the world, Centre Pompidou:

dope juice!

dope juice!

Some things I noticed there are:

1) I look very pale alongside the average French man.

2) Orangina is pretty great.

3) Dublin is a very very very grey city.

4) People allowed to take photographs in Art Museums is just plain wrong.

5) A French child getting hit on the head by a ball is just as funny as it happening to any other nationality.  

Also slipped in some time to go digging in the crates. Bought a good few naff sampleable records and then got some good soul stuff I had wanted for ages. Especially this one record which I have wanted for about 4 years or so. I was fooking delighted. It’s Gloria Scott’s “What Am I Gonna Do” LP and todays Track of the day is by her good self.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Gloria Scott – “Too Much Lovemaking”



Jean Is Planning An Escape Lyrics

15 08 2008

Two people mailed me asking could they see the lyrics for Jean Is Planning An Escape. Voila!:

Bastard, that filthy bastard
If there’s justice she’ll get the last word
That’s it now, no more heartache
Jean is planning an escape
Plastered, he’s always plastered
She’s got enough clean clothes to last her
The engine’s on, a new clean break
Jean is planning an escape

Go Jean Go
And All Her Friends Say Go Jeanne Go

Prisoners, he takes no prisoners
When he’s done she takes no visitors
Stays in her sister’s when he goes ape
Jean is planning an escape
Given her, advice they’ve given her
“Get the cops in. Call your solicitors
Press charges, don’t wait,” they say
She has waited but she is brave today
He’s away with mates – the brute beefcake
He uses the boot in a routine way
And a routine way’s been hard to break
But Jean is planning an escape

Go Jean Go
And All Her Friends Say Go Jeanne Go
This is the showdown, she’s hitting the road now
She’s taking control now, the pressure is on
She’s got to be strong

Showtime, this must be Showtime
She knows deep down she’s been so blind
Crawling on back to what she knows
The blood, sweat, tear drenched rocky road
And all her friends say “ready or not?”
They’ve heard so many alarms
Then seen her back in the enemy’s arms
Oh, Jean, tell us the penny has dropped!
Go Jean Go; she’s got her suitcase
With a ‘don’t fuck with me’ look on her face
Go Jean Go; tomorrow’s too late
Foot on the clutch, foot off the break
Why did it take her this long to thunder?
They wonder. It’s summed up in one word:
Jean is coming to her own conclusion
Go Jean Go

In other news, I’m just back from my first trip to the dentist in 8 years. I am terrified to find out what ‘root canal’ actually means. “Is it Safe” , the menacing. haunting quote by Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man ran through my head as my “extremely deep cavity” (he he, i’m such a child) was filled. lovely dentist in fairness



Jean Is Planning An Escape

11 08 2008

Download new Messiah J & The Expert track

Ladies & Gentlemen,
We have uploaded a new Messiah J & The Expert track called
‘Jean Is Planning an Escape’. This is not an official single but it will be
on our new album ‘From The Word Go’ which will be out this October.
Hope you enjoy,




The Loss of a Legend

11 08 2008

Soul singer, arranger and one of my complete and utter heroes Isaac Hayes, died last night at the age of 65.

Relatives found Hayes, 65, unconscious in his home next to a still-running treadmill, said Steve Shular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. Paramedics attempted to revive him and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 p.m., the sheriff’s department said. No foul play is suspected, the agency said in a written statement.

I honestly think he was a genius. One of the best music arrangers I have ever heard and a truly huge inspiration to myself and many many others. R.I.P.


Here’s a slept on favourite of mine by the Great man:

The Expert won’t like this…

9 08 2008

But I will! This is for ye Smiths Heads…. here (one week only)

By the way we’re getting the artwork together and it’s looking well.

I just ate coco pops out of a cup.

Also, I highly recommend listening to the LP The Artifacts – Between A Rock And A Hard Place. Actually, lets do a birra that now…



Messiah J & The Expert release their new album, ‘FROM THE WORD GO’ this October

5 08 2008

The third album from Messiah J & the Expert, entitled FROM THE WORD GO, will be released on Inaudible Records during the month of October 2008 (date TBC). It was recorded between Winter 2006 and Spring 2008 by The Expert in their studio, Labbey Road and mastered in London by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering. It is a 47 minute, 12 track album which sees MJEX collaborate with singers Leda Egri, Joanne Daly and Kieran and Ro from Delorentos. The track listing is:

1 Year Of The Genie
2 Megaphone Man
3 Keep the Noise Down
4 Turn The Magic On (feat. Leda Egri)
5 Tomorrow Is Too Late
6 Jean Is Planning An Escape
7 Guess You Had To Be There
8 Geography (feat. Ro & Kieran from Delorentos)
9 Panic Station
10 Amnesia Comes Easily (feat. Joanne Daly)
11 Looking For A Long Term Thing
12 The Predicament

“It is nearly impossible to pin down From The Word Go so I’ll do my very best at a quick description. First off, it has loads of strings and horns on it and it’s pretty catchy. I think people will definitely be surprised with some of the songs. It is ballsier, riskier, less cluttered, simpler and definitely more eclectic than any of our previous records. The lyrics are far less personal than before and I definitely think we covered much new ground thematically and musically. The Expert’s music is extremely varied. It has bits of Indie, reggae, funk, four to the floor dance, psych. and ‘theme-tune-walk-in-the-ring’ type Hip Hop. At this stage, we just can’t wait for you to hear it.”
Messiah J

Inaudible Records, August 08

Misc. Jibber Jabber

1 08 2008


1)Make sure you check back to https://messiahjandtheexpert.wordpress.com or http://www.messiahjandtheexpert.com early next week cos we will be shedding light on a lot of facts about our new album including the Title and Tracklisting

2)The Forum at the official MJEX site is deceased. It wasn’t working any longer. If you wanna come chat just come here to https://messiahjandtheexpert.wordpress.com

3)Also, the MJEX gig in Belfast on August 8th is cancelled. Not our call. Promoters pulled it for reasons beyond our control. Sorry to anybody who was attending from all of us

Track of the day: Time’s Up – OC